If you enjoy authentic taste at a Korean restaurant in Korien

Korean food Mr. Pegopa in Korien is a shop where you can enjoy popular Korean home-cooked food that is popular even when it is delicious. You can enjoy many authentic Korean flavors such as Samgyeopsal, Cheese Takkarubi, and Makgeolli for drinks, which have been introduced in magazines in the past.
Station-friendly restaurants are popular among female customers for their in-house designs, and have won high acclaim for their “instagram fun”. You can use it at girls' associations and dates, so please make a reservation as soon as possible when you visit.
Characteristics of Korean food stall Mr. Pegopa

Korien's Korean restaurant can be visited by children

A restaurant where you can fully enjoy authentic Korean home cooking in Osaka has an extensive course menu, which was introduced in magazines in the past. There are plenty of menus that are popular with women, such as cheese takkarbi using soup based on plenty of vegetables and sweet spicy gochijang, and extremely thick samgyeopsal that you can taste soft and crunchy pork belly, so please be sure to meet women's associations and dates Please feel free to visit us. Because the inside of the store is divided, of course, you can feel free to visit even with children.
Restaurants within walking distance from the station have a space that makes it easy to create an instagram with an American pop fashionable design, and you can feel as if you are in Korea. We have received a lot of happy voices saying “the quality of the food is high” and “the atmosphere inside the store is unique and interesting”.

Korien Korean restaurant accepts online reservations

A restaurant in Neyagawa city where you can enjoy the authentic Korean taste, offers a popular menu for female customers. Among them, there are abundant lineups of authentic Korean home dishes such as Samgyeopsal, which is reputed to be `` juicy and crunchy and delicious '', and cheese takkarbi, which is reputed to be `` rich with cheese and plenty of vegetables ''. Please appreciate it. Of course there is an all-you-can-drink course where you can fully enjoy Makgeolli and other liquors, as well as courses where you can enjoy authentic Korean cuisine.
At a restaurant in Chika Station, famous designers handle the details of the interior design, and when you enter the store, you can expand the space for an American pop fashion. Feel free to use our company events and celebrations, such as welcome and farewell parties and year-end parties. We also accept online reservations, so please make your reservations as soon as possible.

Korien Korean Restaurant offers authentic Korean home cooking

There are a lot of customers who repeat that they can't eat what they care about when they come to the store because of the rich Korean home cooking menu. In order to meet customers' expectations, the taste, aroma, and appearance of everything are packed into the store.
Finished with a sweet and spicy seasoning based on gochujang, cheese takkarbi goes well with chamisles and makgeolli that you can drink and drink. Mr. Pego Pappa Salad, which is a mixture of fresh vegetables and plenty of Corby Jack cheese and cream cheese, is popular among women, and you can enjoy the feeling of volume that fills your stomach while being a salad. There are various menus that can be used as a place for daily dining and drinking, as well as for parties and important events, so please make a reservation at any time.

Please drink makgeolli that goes well with Korean food at Korien

According to the image of “spicy Korean food”, the Korean national foods Samgyeopsal and Cheese Takkarubi are sweet and chopsticks. Please drop in if you are looking for a restaurant that offers authentic flavors such as delicious tasty cheese tacklebi and Japanese beef copchan Jongol.
We have a large selection of liquors that attract dishes with a spicy and sour taste. One of the pride of the shop is that you can order a wide variety of wines, such as wines produced in France and wines that are made from five different grapes from various countries. is. You can find special drinks such as freezing freezing highballs and fragrant flavored makgeolli, so please come to the store if you want to compare drinks.


A restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Korean cuisine at Korien

Enjoy the sake that goes well with Korean home cooking

If you are looking for a delicious Korean restaurant in Korien, choose Mr. Pego Pak, a Korean food stall where you can dine in the spacious restaurant. Samgyeopsal, where you can enjoy not only a hearty cheese tacklebi and meat but also vegetables, is popular. In order to satisfy those who want to know the authentic taste, we have prepared dishes one by one with a commitment.
There are stylish table seats that shine on Instagram and digging goats seats where you can enjoy conversations, so you can use them to meet your needs. Please feel free to drop in.