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A Korean restaurant in Korien offers a full banquet course. There are customers who always make reservations for banquets because they can start with appetizers and enjoy the main dishes and shimeji dishes until they are full.
We have a blog for those who want to see a lot about our shop in advance. We will update various articles frequently, so please check if you are thinking about using it.

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I want to tell customers about the charm of the store, and posted a blog page that tells you about everyday scenery and private life. We will write articles on a wide variety of topics such as tips and staff about Korea, so please visit our customers and repeat visitors.
We also accept reservations from the Internet, so customers who are worried about not having time to make phone calls can make reservations with peace of mind. For customers who want to decide on a budget and have a banquet, we offer course meals mainly made up of copchan hot pot, cheese takkarbi, and samgyeopsal, both hot and mental. This is a proud course that has been rated as "satisfactory for both volume and taste." We will respond promptly and flexibly, so please feel free to contact us if you have any requests or charter requests for the banquet course.