Go to Korien for a year-end party with a large group

2019/10/18 blog
Korean pancake

Good evening!

This is Mr. Pegopa from Korea.

At present, Pegopa is planning an early discount plan for year-end party and new year party.

If you make a reservation with more than 10 people by November 15, all course meals will be discounted by 1000 yen or all-you-can-drink will be extended to 3 hours!

The 4000 yen Samgyeopsal course is now 3000 yen!

You can enjoy the 5000 yen copchan hot pot course for 4000 yen.

Reservations can be made on weekdays or weekends, but this early reservation is limited to one group per day, so make your reservation as soon as possible!

Charters can be reserved for more than 25 people.

In addition, please feel free to contact us for any requests such as “I want to change the type of pot” or “I want more knobs”.

For details, go to the store!

Open today from 17:00!

We look forward to your visit.