If you have a year-end party at Korien, pegopa's hot pot dish.

2019/10/27 blog
Hormone pot

Good evening!

This is Mr. Pegopa from Korea.

Today is October 27!

Yesterday, on October 26th, G-Dragon, GYDANG from BIGBANG, came home after completing his military service!

Ji-yeon seems to be solo for a while, and the store manager is a fan of Ji-yeon, so I am looking forward to his future success!

This week is full of the topic, and since yesterday, BIGBANG was played in the store and it was a great excitement!

Thank you for many visits.

Next is a new menu announcement from November!

The theme of the new menu is “meat”! !

We will prepare a lot of meat dishes that can be eaten at reasonable prices using the specially ordered iron plate of Pegopa.

We have only a few remaining in October, but we look forward to your visit.