We also accept requests for charter reservations for New Year's party and welcome party

Mr. Pegopa, who has a good reputation for delicious Korean cuisine and warm hospitality at Korien, takes the opinions of each customer seriously and improves the service. We strive to provide services with a wide field of view so that customers can have a wonderful meal.
If you are interested in what kind of business you are doing, please take a look at the details of the concepts of the shops that are rooted in the region.

Korean restaurant in Korien will be happy to serve you

The magazine is introduced as a shop where you can enjoy home-style Korean food at Korien, so if you want to find your favorite restaurant that you want to spread, please come to Mr. Pegopa. Since we have communicated with many customers who live in the area, we have received a good reputation as the best store in the area.
Focusing on the combination of meat and cheese, we not only deliver appetizing aromas and flavors, but we also put effort into serving dishes that make you want to take pictures. Samgyeopsal, a combination of sliced garlic stimulation and rich cheese, is recommended for groups that want to have a main meal. In addition, there is a spicy cheese pan banquet course that has a main menu that the shop boasts, so please feel free to contact us if you would like to know the contents of the course.

Korean restaurant is in a good location to walk from Korien Station and Kozenji Station

If you are planning to go to a Korean restaurant near Korien Station and Kozenji Station, please come to Mr. Pegopa, a Korean food stall with many fans saying "original taste that never gets tired". Because you can walk from the nearest station, it is a shop that makes it easy to stop by on your way back from your schedule or work.
A well-known designer works on the interior of the store and is perfect for those who want to have a dinner or a date at a good-sense store. The colorful shop with its wonderful fragrance will make you feel better, so you can often see them returning home while exchanging happy conversations with their lovers and friends. I will continue to work vigorously every day while being encouraged by these words. We will provide a service to make your visit a memorable day, so please feel free to use it.

Korien Korean Restaurant offers authentic Korean home cooking

There are a lot of customers who repeat that they can't eat what they care about when they come to the store because of the rich Korean home cooking menu. In order to meet customers' expectations, the taste, aroma, and appearance of everything are packed into the store.
Finished with a sweet and spicy seasoning based on gochujang, cheese takkarbi goes well with chamisles and makgeolli that you can drink and drink. Mr. Pego Pappa Salad, which is a mixture of fresh vegetables and plenty of Corby Jack cheese and cream cheese, is popular among women, and you can enjoy the feeling of volume that fills your stomach while being a salad. There are various menus that can be used as a place for daily dining and drinking, as well as for parties and important events, so please make a reservation at any time.

Please drink makgeolli that goes well with Korean food at Korien

According to the image of “spicy Korean food”, the Korean national foods Samgyeopsal and Cheese Takkarubi are sweet and chopsticks. Please drop in if you are looking for a restaurant that offers authentic flavors such as delicious tasty cheese tacklebi and Japanese beef copchan Jongol.
We have a large selection of liquors that attract dishes with a spicy and sour taste. One of the pride of the shop is that you can order a wide variety of wines, such as wines produced in France and wines that are made from five different grapes from various countries. is. You can find special drinks such as freezing freezing highballs and fragrant flavored makgeolli, so please come to the store if you want to compare drinks.

Korien ’s Korean restaurant has a blog full of articles

It is an instagram space that can be used in various scenes, such as a company launching party to raise morale, a souvenir party to soothe tiredness, and an alumni party to drink alcohol with nostalgic members. Aiming to create a space where customers can enjoy themselves, we will provide meticulous services. The cuisine at Korean home restaurants that have earned the trust of the local people is an excellent combination of deliciousness and stimulation, so please enjoy it to your heart's content.
The established blog page contains information about the store and private stories. We want to build a relationship of trust in order to conduct business in close contact with the customer's heart. If you have any comments or requests regarding the store, please do not hesitate to let us know.