If you enjoy authentic Korean food at Korien

Mr. Pegopa, a Korean restaurant near Korien Station, features a pop-up shop that looks like an instagram. We have received high acclaim for word of mouth, “Popular atmosphere in the store is attractive” and “Enjoy the authentic taste”.
Shops within walking distance from the station in Osaka also offer courses recommended for female customers, so you can thoroughly enjoy authentic cuisine. It is a perfect place for dates and girls-only gatherings, so please use it.

Korean restaurants around Korien are also recommended for year-end parties and new year parties

A reputable restaurant in Osaka where you can enjoy authentic Korean flavors, there are many menus with a rich lineup, such as samgyeopsal, where you can enjoy the crisp pork belly, and cheese tacklebi with plenty of vegetables. The restaurant is highly rated as “the food is all delicious” and it is a healthy dish that is especially popular with female customers. In the past, there was also a career introduced to a magazine as the best store in the region.
Shops within walking distance from the station in Osaka offer various types of seats such as drum can desks that can be used by up to four people and digging goats that you can sit comfortably. It is a perfect place for various celebrations, and we also accept in-house charters at year-end parties and new year parties. For smokers, smokers and non-smokers can use it without hesitation, so please contact us when you come to the store.

Korien's Korean restaurant was featured in the magazine as the best restaurant in the region

The restaurant where you can enjoy the authentic Korean flavors has many Korean home cooking menus, and it is reputed to be “quality and delicious”. There are plenty of great course menus, and there are courses where you can enjoy plenty of vegetables such as cheese takkarbi that is immovable and popular with female customers, and samgyeopsal where you can taste crunchy pork belly, so please use it once by all means . As a store where you can feel free to visit us at various celebrations such as New Year's party and welcome and farewell party, we have gained a high evaluation from many customers who have used so far.
The station-like restaurant in Osaka offers a wide variety of seats, such as a drum can desk that can be used by four people and a digging bed that can be relaxed and relaxed. Since the staff will cook at your seat until completion, you can use it with confidence even for the first time, so please come by all means.

Korien Korean Restaurant is highly rated in reviews

The Korean restaurant in Korien has a history of being introduced in magazines in the past, and is working to create an atmosphere for enjoying a meal while feeling like being in Korea. There is an American pop space created by famous designers in the store, and it can be used for various situations such as girls' associations and dates, so please come by all means. In-store charter service is also available, and it is highly regarded as a perfect store for various celebrations such as year-end parties and New Year's parties.
A reputable restaurant where you can fully enjoy the authentic Korean taste, there are many course menus, including a crunchy pork belly samgyeopsal popular with women and a cheese takkarbi course using soup based on sweet spicy gochijang There is. Because of the smoke, you can feel free to visit us with your children.

If you have a banquet at a Korean restaurant, the restaurant in Korien is highly rated

We will make dishes that will satisfy both men and women, so if you want to enjoy authentic Korean home cooking, please come to the store. One of the recommended menus is Samgyeopsal. A grilled meat with a thickness of 15mm wrapped in fresh vegetables, which can be enjoyed by people who are conscious of diet or who are restricted in sugar.
For those who want to eat meat and cultivate well, we recommend grilling Harami steak. You can order kimchi and namul for a little chopstick rest, so you can have a well-balanced meal. There are Asian beer all-you-can-drink, and it is highly rated by customers who want to stick to both sake and food. All the staff are always greeted with a smile, so please feel free to ask us if you have any concerns.


A restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Korean cuisine at Korien

Enjoy the sake that goes well with Korean home cooking

If you are looking for a delicious Korean restaurant in Korien, choose Mr. Pego Pak, a Korean food stall where you can dine in the spacious restaurant. Samgyeopsal, where you can enjoy not only a hearty cheese tacklebi and meat but also vegetables, is popular. In order to satisfy those who want to know the authentic taste, we have prepared dishes one by one with a commitment.
There are stylish table seats that shine on Instagram and digging goats seats where you can enjoy conversations, so you can use them to meet your needs. Please feel free to drop in.