Has a track record of serving exquisite Korean food at Korien

Mr. Pegopa, the local Korean restaurant in Korea, is used by many customers every day. We want to meet the needs of each customer and have experience in learning about reliable cooking techniques and customer service manners. Since it is flexible from ordering à la carte to ordering a course, it has been well received in the word of mouth that it can be used easily when you think of it.
We have been carefully prepared so that our customers can fully enjoy the authentic taste of Korea.

If you have a banquet at a Korean restaurant, the restaurant in Korien is highly rated

We will make dishes that will satisfy both men and women, so if you want to enjoy authentic Korean home cooking, please come to the store. One of the recommended menus is Samgyeopsal. A grilled meat with a thickness of 15mm wrapped in fresh vegetables, which can be enjoyed by people who are conscious of diet or who are restricted in sugar.
For those who want to eat meat and cultivate well, we recommend grilling Harami steak. You can order kimchi and namul for a little chopstick rest, so you can have a well-balanced meal. We have received high evaluations from customers who want to focus on both sake and food. All the staff are always greeted with a smile, so please feel free to ask us if you have any concerns.

Korean restaurant Mr. Pegopa

We will continue to provide each and every service with the hospitality that customers can return comfortably. Two large TVs are installed, and K-POP that makes you feel bright is eaten by BGM. There are many original menus that other shops do not have, so please consider visiting if you are looking for Korean home cooking without getting bored.
Cheese Takkarbi, where you can taste meat even in the cooking menu, is said to be “the rice and liquor will go on” and “the taste that will change if you notice”, and there are few people who order repeat There is none. Cheese takkalbi is a must-have for the cheese party. There are many people who eat up to the shimeno pokkunpa, so please come to the store by hungry.

Korean restaurant in Korien is a popular restaurant rated by reviews

If you want to have a drink at the main restaurant around Korien, please come to Mr. Pegopa, a Korean food stall with a unique Korean-style interior of a canned yakiniku restaurant. We have received a compliment from a Korean enthusiast that we can enjoy the atmosphere of drum canned yakiniku loved in various areas such as Seoul. Since it is a lively pop shop, it has been highly rated by reviews, with inquiries from people who want to forget their daily fatigue at drinking parties and who want to make fashionable posts on Instagram. If you are interested, please come to the store at any time because you are confident in the impact and taste.
The a la carte menu is also abundant, and you can order topokki and homemade chijimi that can enjoy a blissful taste with just the right spiciness. There are a variety of liquor lineups such as unique brands of wine and Korean sake, which are well known, so please try the ones you care about.

Korean restaurant is in a good location to walk from Korien Station and Kozenji Station

If you are planning to go to a Korean restaurant near Korien Station and Kozenji Station, please come to Mr. Pegopa, a Korean food stall with many fans saying "original taste that never gets tired". Because you can walk from the nearest station, it is a shop that makes it easy to stop by on your way back from your schedule or work.
A well-known designer works on the interior of the store and is perfect for those who want to have a dinner or a date at a good-sense store. The colorful shop with its wonderful fragrance will make you feel better, so you can often see them returning home while exchanging happy conversations with their lovers and friends. I will continue to work vigorously every day while being encouraged by these words. We will provide a service to make your visit a memorable day, so please feel free to use it.


A restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Korean cuisine at Korien

Enjoy the sake that goes well with Korean home cooking

If you are looking for a delicious Korean restaurant in Korien, choose Mr. Pego Pak, a Korean food stall where you can dine in the spacious restaurant. Samgyeopsal, where you can enjoy not only a hearty cheese tacklebi and meat but also vegetables, is popular. In order to satisfy those who want to know the authentic taste, we have prepared dishes one by one with a commitment.
There are stylish table seats that shine on Instagram and digging goats seats where you can enjoy conversations, so you can use them to meet your needs. Please feel free to drop in.


It is convenient to use the Keihan Main Line when visiting


Store name

Korean food stall Mr. Pegopa

Street address

Osaka Prefecture Neyagawa City Kari Shinmachi 12-10 Hayato Building 1F

phone number
business hours

17:00 〜 23:00

Regular holiday



正垣 亮輔






運営会社 株式会社ノヴァ

電話番号 06-6948-8641


A Korean restaurant, Mr. Pegopa, located within walking distance from Korien Station, is also open for lunch. Because it is an at-home shop, both children and visitors are welcome. There is also a digging gourmet seat where you can relax and feel free to contact us if you are looking for a restaurant where friends and moms can gather together for lunch.