Please try the course menu as well as the a la carte

If you have a banquet at Korien, please contact Mr. Pegopa, a Korean food stall where you can fully enjoy Korean food and sake. It is suitable for customers who want to make a noise in their friends without worrying about their surroundings because they can rent out an American pop space shop. There is a course that combines Korean hot pot and all-you-can-drink, so it is popular with secretaries who do not want to compromise on food and alcohol.
Information about the course menu details and price, etc. are posted on the site, so please read it for your reference.

[With 2H all-you-can-drink] Samgyeopsal, Pokkunpa, etc. «All 5 items» Samgyeopsal course
[With 2H all-you-can-drink] Main cheese tackle bi etc. << all 6 items >> cheese tackle bi course
[With 2H all-you-can-drink] Topic copchan hot pot, etc. << all 5 dishes >> copchan hot pot course

We make a shop that values the pop atmosphere so that your posting page will be gorgeous when you put it on Instagram. It is said that photography is fun because you can enjoy dinner and drinking party at the drum can table like the drum canned yakiniku that is popular in Korea. Aiming to become a shop that you want to go with friends and lovers, we will open the business with reference to the opinions received from customers. You can feel as if you are in Korea while in Japan, so if you want to spend an extraordinary time on your day off, please use it.
The new information page contains various information including business days of the store and introduction of new menus. We will update the deals and bean knowledge on a regular basis, so please read it once you plan to visit.