Shochu / Umeshu (Rock / Water / Soda)
Soft drink
Seoul Makgeolli
Fruit chamisul
Chom Chorom
All-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink for customers who ordered pots!
The sweet flavored easy-to-drink flavored makgeolli and Korean wines that you can't easily meet are well-reputed as “fits well with Korean pots with plenty of gravy”. We offer many menus for both food and drink so that you can find the best combination only for our customers.
Spicy dishes contain capsaicin capsicum, so you can increase your metabolism and expect health and beauty benefits. While enjoying the spicy taste, it also has a positive impact on diet and body makeup, so it has been highly appreciated by women and trainees. There is also an à la carte menu, such as Chijimi with a solid texture and Namul assortment that you can enjoy refreshingly. Please use it if you want to enjoy beautiful Korean home cooking that is full of volume and beautify.