It can also be used as a place for meals for everyday use or for important days

Mr. Pegopa, a Korean food vendor serving Korean food at Korien, is open for dinner and is a place where you can feel free to visit when you want to have a drink or have a delicious meal.
South Korea's unique sweet and spicy kimchi is also effective for promoting metabolism and loss of appetite, so it's perfect for when you want to rejuvenate. If you are a dieter who wants to improve the temperature of the skin by eating spicy foods and increase the fat burning effect, or if you have a body makeup, please enjoy it.

The interior of the Korean restaurant in Korien is handled by a famous designer

You can enjoy Korean home-cooked food in a stylish foreign-style space that you would like to post on SNS. You can choose between the digging goat seat where you can throw out your feet and the drum can table seat that shows the instagram according to your mood. Although it is a high sense, it has a cozy atmosphere that makes you feel at home, so you will be able to relax and enjoy your meal.
We will respond flexibly to requests such as “I want you to pull out unfavorable ingredients” and “I want the seasoning to be slightly less spicy”. We will provide customers with warmth and service, so please drop in whenever you think.

Korien is a stylish Korean restaurant so please use it for a date

As the name of the restaurant, named after the Korean word for “I'm hungry,” we will offer special dishes and Korean liquor that will satisfy both hungry customers. Please contact us if you want to have a drink while enjoying the unique atmosphere of South Korea.
A unique shop decorated with an American comic-style picture makes you feel bright just by looking at it, and you'll get many reviews when it comes to conversation. While listening to the trendy K-POP, you can hold a stylish drinking party such as toasting with Korean liquor such as Seoul Makgeolli and Flavor Makgeolli. If you are an Instagrammer who wants to take a nice photo or a date that wants to enjoy the Korean atmosphere, please come and visit us.

Korien's shop is home to top chefs who make Korean food

We will do our best to make your meal even better, so please consider using it if you have chosen a store. Samcheopsal, where you can enjoy a lot of thick sliced pork belly with vegetables, you can enjoy even a Korean-style fried rice, Pokkunpa. This is a signboard menu with many customers ordering, so please choose when you are wondering what to order.
Great cooks who have learned about Korean home cooking are carefully prepared from preparation to preparation. We will deliver stable and delicious dishes whenever you visit us. If you want to taste the original taste of meat and vegetables, please come to the store because we have devised an original Korean home cooking recipe while taking advantage of the taste of the ingredients.